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Godel Technologies Europe

GodelTech is the leading UK based software development nearshorer.

We are renowned for our professional, direct, no-nonsese approach to delivery.
This successful approach has enabled us to build our business on the foundation of positive referrals from our clients which has contributed to a 438% growth in staff since 2010 and catapulted Godel into being recognised as one of the fastest growing nearshore companies in the UK and within the Top 10 IT companies in Belarus.  
Combining interesting projects with a fun, democratic atmosphere enables Godel to retain some of the most exceptional talent available in the UK and Belarus and deliver exceptional projects on time and on budget.  
When a client chooses to work with Godel, they choose us because we make it our mission to provide the best quality service possible, likewise, when you choose to work at Godel, its our mission to develop you into the best you can possibly be!   

Don't choose a job! Choose a mission!

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